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Entry is easy, completely
free, and open to all golf
clubs and courses

Not sure where to begin? Here’s some top tips to get the ball rolling (pun intended)

In it to win it – don’t compare your club to others or be put off applying thinking your efforts are not up to a ‘set’ standard. Rewards are available across a range of criteria, and you have as much chance as anyone.

Imagine you’re the judge – would your application impress you? Think about this when completing your entry.

The best things come in small packages – often the smallest projects carried out to a high standard and for the right reasons achieve the most.

Choose wisely – take time to learn about the range of award categories and tailor your application to the one you feel the club will fair most strongly.

Dedication and enthusiasm to succeed is favoured over financial inputs – be sure not to undervalue your club’s achievements.

Keep your application short and sweet – remember, the judges have a lot of applications to get through. Keep your points punchy and relevant.

Pictures are encouraged – before and after photography is an effective way of highlighting course changes.  These can be emailed to  Large files may need to be sent via WeTransfer which is a free and easy to use website.

Think ahead – highlight the long-term vision of the club to add value to the works already undertaken.

Facts and figures – numbers always impress. If you can supply data to back up your claims this will go a long way with the judges.

Teamwork – don’t leave your entry to one person. Often a fresh pair of eyes can add valuable input.

Need help? Don’t be afraid to ask

If you are unsure of anything, feel free to call one of STRI ecology team for assistance.

Don’t worry about the small stuff – your application won’t be marked on spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Please contact the STRI Environment and Ecology Team on 01274 565131 or email if you have any queries on the awards and/or how to enter.

We look forward to hearing from you – Good luck to all!

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