Raffle Results for Butterfly Conservation

We are pleased to announce that the annual Golf Environment Awards raffle raised a healthy £310.00 for Butterfly Conservation, taking our total donation over the last couple of years to £2,438.45. Thank you to all who donated and congratulations to those of you who won one of the five incredible prizes on offer, two of which we must thank Royal Liverpool Golf Club and Dundonald Links for supplying envious four-ball packages.

The money will go towards vital conservation work in the Butterfly Conservation’s Limestone Lepidoptera Project in the Yorkshire Dales. The project aims to protect eight threatened butterfly and moth species, including Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Northern Brown Argus and Barred Tooth-Striped moth by increasing awareness, enhancing habitats and monitoring the progress of each target species.

Small pearl-bordered fritillary, one of eight target species for the Limestone Lepidoptera Project (Credit: Andrew Cooper, BC).

Golf courses in the UK and around the world are home to important habitats for numerous butterfly and moth species, including the Small Blue at Dundonald Links, the Dark Green Fritillary at West Kent Golf Club and the Belted Beauty at Conwy Golf Club, to name just a few. As such, we felt it fitting to give back to a charity that has provided, and continues to provide, invaluable advice and support to many golf clubs in the UK. 

One of Butterfly Conservation’s core aims is to halt and reverse the declines of the most threatened butterflies and moths in the UK. To make best use of their resources they have focused conservation efforts on those species most under threat either because are very rare or in the steepest long-term decline. You can continue to support Butterfly Conservation by spreading their message, becoming a member, volunteering on one of their many reserves around the UK, or by helping to conserve butterflies and moths within the golf course, your garden or other green space. The Butterfly Conservation website offers some great tips and tricks for making your space more attractive to butterflies and moths, as well as other important insects.

Butterfly Conservation’s own Winter Raffle runs until Monday 11th January 2021 if you fancy another go at winning a new year prize whilst offering vital support for nature conservation.

Thank you again to Butterfly Conservation for the incredible work that you do, we can’t wait to see how the Limestone Lepidoptera Project progresses over 2021 and beyond.

Don’t forget, if you have a butterfly or moth conservation story big or small to shout about, please consider applying for the 2022 Golf Environment Awards.