ANNUAL Raffle for Butterfly Conservation

The Golf Environment Awards are built upon a passion for biodiversity and the environment. Over the last two years, supporters of the Golf Environment Awards have raised a huge £2,118.45 for Butterfly Conservation through our annual raffle. This year, we want to continue supporting Butterfly Conservation and hope that you do too.

The funds raised from this year’s raffle will support Butterfly Conservation’s Limestone Lepidoptera project which focuses on vital work in the Yorkshire Dales to protect eight threatened butterfly and moth species, including Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Northern Brown Argus and Barred Tooth-Striped moth. The project aims to increase awareness and surveying and monitoring efforts of target species  to better understand their distribution and areas of important habitat. Works can then begin to enhance these habitats on a landscape-scale approach, ultimately resulting in  greater abundance and awareness. 

Golf courses around the UK and further afield are home to important habitats for numerous butterfly and moth species, including the Small Blue at Dundonald Links, the Dark Green Fritillary at West Kent Golf Club and the Belted Beauty at Conwy Golf Club, to name just a few. We felt it fitting to give back to a charity that has provided, and continues to provide help to many golf clubs in the UK, providing invaluable advice and support.  This year’s raffle is only possible because of the generous support of the golf industry, with golfing prizes from Royal Liverpool and Dundonald Links, alongside other wildlife related gifts. Thank you to all involved and to all of you who purchase raffle tickets.  By purchasing a ticket not only are you supporting an incredible landscape-scale project to protect some of the UK’s most endangered pollinators, you also might find yourself with a very special Christmas present!

Click here to go to our raffle page to buy your tickets and see the prizes on offer.

The raffle winners will be drawn on the 23rd of December, one week after the Golf Environment Awards virtual ceremony which is taking place on the 16th of December at 16:00. If you’d like to attend the awards, please email, we’d be delighted to invite you along so that you can join in with the celebrations.