CPD points throughout application

I’m delighted to announce that entrants to the Golf Environment Awards 2019 will receive CPD points in conjunction with their BIGGA membership during the application process.



Individuals within every organisation and industry are being encouraged to embrace collection of Continual Professional Development (CPD) points, as this is the best way to keep abreast of innovation, new technological development and best practice ways of working.


It is for this reason that I am so pleased that BIGGA have agreed to work with STRI to award education and network CPD points through the Golf Environment Awards.


CPD points can be gained for all stages of the application process. Education points will be received from filling in the application form, receiving a visit from STRI and becoming a finalist.



Attending the GEA evening in January at Harrogate will allow you access to networking points. This will contribute to your annual CPD requirements and allow you to make great progress within your professional domain


The greenkeeping role has evolved markedly over the last five to ten years, and greenkeepers have access to a whole raft of academic and on-site training that’s enabling them to become more professional in their craft.



The STRI team is also proud to be able to invite greenkeepers and groundstaff to attend our free STRI Research event, and many of our staff, including myself, Nicole Beckett and Rowan Rumball, will leading some of the In Focus sessions at next year’s BTME.


All of the above demonstrates just how aligned ecological, environmental and agronomic work has become to produce an integrated and holistic approach to management on the golf course.




The Conservation Greenkeeeper of the Year Award singles out an individual whose personal endeavours contributes to the success of the golf clubs environmental and ecological management. This year, the Award winner will receive additional CPD points as well as BIGGA membership.


Hopefully this has whetted your appetite for the Golf Environment Awards and you can fill in your online application here. Deadline for entries is at the end of July.


If you have any questions about your application, then please get in touch with me on TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram, or my colleague Nicole Beckett on Twitter.