Operation Pollinator

Pollen and nectar rich wildflower habitats provide both essential food resources and nesting habitats for pollinators, including native bees, butterflies and other insects. Not only this, selected native wildflowers will also provide new and exciting visual features, giving added interest to your golf course from the biodiversity it will support.


Why get involved?

  • Bumblebee numbers are continuing to decline, with some UK species on the very verge of extinction! These pollinating bees make up a fundamental part of the natural ecosystem, for pollination of food crops and to maintain ecological biodiversity.
  • With Golf Courses across the UK occupying approximately 150, 000 hectares of land, it is simply undeniable that they play a vital role in providing pockets of sanctuary for wildlife, including having an outstanding potential to provide habitats and food sources for a range of native bees and pollinating insects
  • Involvement with Operation Pollinator generates new marketing and networking opportunities for the club and offers players an aesthetically pleasing course
  • Research driven trials have continuously proven that the creation of even small areas of dedicated habitat can significantly increase numbers of pollinating insects.

Nationally, Operation Pollinator is seeking to establish 250 hectares of  new wildflower habitat on up to 500 golf courses across the UK – not only creating a significant ecological resource, but also demonstrating that golf and the environment can work in harmony with one another.

For more information on Operation Pollinator projects, please visit: https://www.greencast.co.uk/operation-pollinator

Entries for Operation Pollinator are now part of the GEA’s entry form. If you wish to enter your golf club for this award, please visit https://golfenvironmentawards.com/entry-form/ or alternatively print our downloadable form and send to Golf Environment Awards, STRI, St Ives Estate, Bingley, BD16 1AU.

Please contact the STRI Ecology Team on 01274 565131 or email info@golfenvironmentawards.com if you have any queries on the awards and/or how to enter.